Best Boots: The Ultimate Tier List [ano_actual] Best Boots The Ultimate Tier List Best Boots: The Ultimate Tier List 2024

Welcome to our comprehensive tier list of the best boots in! In this article, we will rank and analyze each pair of boots based on their abilities and effects. Whether you’re looking for increased movement speed, damage resistance, stealth, or any other advantage, we’ve got you covered. So let’s dive into the world of and discover the ultimate boots that will give you the edge in this thrilling battle royale experience.

Prosthetic Legs

The Versatile Stride with Confidence

In the dynamic battlegrounds of, players are always on the lookout for gear that offers an edge, and when it comes to footwear, versatility can be just as valuable as raw power. Enter the Prosthetic Legs, a pair of boots that might not top the charts in sheer force but stand out for their adaptability and balanced attributes. These boots cater to survivors who value a consistent performance boost across various aspects of gameplay.

Prosthetic Legs shine with their ability to buff the base movement speed of your hero, a fundamental trait for dodging danger and pursuing opportunities. Coupled with a constant HP regeneration effect, these boots ensure that you’re always in fighting shape, ready to face the next wave of challenges head-on.

Survivors will appreciate the extra HP provided by the Prosthetic Legs, a feature that turns near-defeats into victories. Whether you’re weaving through enemy attacks or standing your ground in the fray, the additional health can make all the difference.

Here’s the incremental growth you’ll experience with Prosthetic Legs as they level up:

  • Good (Green): Basic stage offering no extra benefits.
  • Better (Blue): Start building your defense with a 10% HP enhancement.
  • Excellent (Purple): Gain a slight edge in mobility with your hero’s base movement speed increased by 1.
  • Epic (Yellow): Keep the momentum going with a healing factor of 1% HP every 3 seconds while on the move.
  • Legendary (Red): Reach peak durability with an additional 15% boost to HP, solidifying your hero’s resilience.

For the player searching for ‘ Best Boots’, the Prosthetic Legs present an enticing option. They don’t just offer a single standout feature; instead, they provide a well-rounded set of boosts that will serve you well in various situations, from outrunning a deadly chase to recovering from a tough encounter.

Embrace the Prosthetic Legs for a balanced approach to your adventures, where sustained speed and regeneration are your keys to outlasting opponents. With these boots, you’re not just surviving—you’re thriving, with every step taking you closer to becoming the ultimate survivor.

Voidwaker Treads

Increased movement speed and HP

In the fast-paced world of, having the right gear is just as important as quick reflexes and strategic play. For players looking to enhance their hero’s speed and durability, the Voidwaker Treads stand out as the best boots in the game. These boots don’t just give your character a slight edge; they transform you into a veritable powerhouse on the battlefield.

The Voidwaker Treads provide a remarkable boost to your hero’s movement speed and HP, ensuring that you can swiftly navigate through throngs of enemies and sustain more damage. This makes them not only ideal for high-intensity combat situations but also for tackling the mightiest of foes with agility and resilience.

Here’s how the Voidwaker Treads stack up as you upgrade them:

  • Good (Green): Start off with a fundamental increase in your hero’s base movement speed by 2.
  • Better (Blue): Enhance your survival chances with a 15% increase in your hero’s HP.
  • Excellent (Purple): Gain a momentum advantage with a 10% movement speed boost for every 500 enemies defeated, up to a maximum of 50%.
  • Epic (Yellow): Solidify your hero’s toughness with an additional HP increase of 25%.
  • Legendary (Red): Deal more damage to slower enemies, capitalizing on your speed to overpower adversaries effortlessly.
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When matched with some of the most formidable weapons in, these boots make your character an indomitable force, equipped to face enemy hordes, mobs, or the most challenging boss fights with confidence. The Voidwaker Treads are not just boots; they’re a strategic upgrade to your gaming arsenal, enabling you to dispatch powerful opponents rapidly and move with unparalleled swiftness.

Equip your hero with Voidwaker Treads and experience the game-changing benefits as you dominate the arena, where every second and strategic decision can lead to victory.


Bullet damage immunity

In the competitive landscape of, every player is in search of gear that will give them the upper hand. For those looking for a tactical edge, Highboots may just be the contender for the title of ‘ Best Boots.’ While they share similarities with the lauded Voidwaker Treads, Highboots differentiate themselves with their unique temporal advantages.

Highboots are particularly known for their Forced March ability – a burst of speed that can be the deciding factor in a heated skirmish. This boost not only increases your movement speed significantly but also comes with the added benefit of making you impervious to bullet damage and reducing collision damage, albeit for a few precious seconds.

Here’s the tier-wise breakdown of the Highboots’ features:

  • Good (Green): A basic tier with no added effects, offering a clean slate to build upon.
  • Better (Blue): Equip your character with a sturdy 10% HP boost, laying a foundational increase to your survivability.
  • Excellent (Purple): Unlock the Forced March ability, granting a 30% movement speed increase for 5 seconds for every 200 monsters defeated, providing a strategic advantage in maneuverability.
  • Epic (Yellow): During Forced March, your hero becomes invincible against bullet damage and benefits from a 20% reduction in collision damage, allowing you to navigate through barrages and obstacles with ease.
  • Legendary (Red): Solidify your hero’s endurance with an additional 15% HP boost, ensuring you can withstand the onslaught longer and capitalize on those critical moments in battle.

While Highboots excel in offering players short bursts of strategic advantage, allowing for rapid entry and exit from combat, they do require a careful approach when it comes to long-term survivability. They are a perfect match for players who prefer a hit-and-run style and are adept at timing their attacks and retreats with precision.

In summary, if you’re scanning through for boots that offer a mix of offensive and defensive perks, the Highboots are worth considering. They may not sustain their benefits as long as some would wish, but in the hands of a player who knows how to leverage these moments, they can be game-changing. So lace up your Highboots, dash into the fray, dodge the onslaught, and march your way to victory.

Light Runners Boots

Step into Superior Defense

When it comes to playing, strategy is everything, and choosing the best boots for your hero can make all the difference. For those who prioritize defense without sacrificing offense, the Light Runners boots emerge as a top-tier choice. These boots are designed for the tactician who knows that survivability can be the best path to victory.

The Light Runners boots are renowned for bolstering your hero’s HP and adding a layer of protection by reflecting damage back at your attackers. This unique feature not only keeps you standing longer but also punishes foes daring enough to target you. And there’s more – these boots amplify your damage output right after you defeat an enemy, turning you into a more formidable adversary in the heat of battle.

Here’s a closer look at the escalating benefits of the Light Runners boots as they level up:

  • Good (Green): Initial stage with no additional effects.
  • Better (Blue): Receive a solid HP increase of 10%, fortifying your hero’s vitality.
  • Excellent (Purple): Your hero becomes a bulwark, taking 20% less damage for 3 seconds when hit, enabling you to withstand onslaughts with ease.
  • Epic (Yellow): Right after defeating an enemy, your hero’s damage output surges by 20% for 3 seconds, giving you the power to mow down monster after monster.
  • Legendary (Red): Achieve peak resilience with an HP increase of 15%, ensuring that your hero stands tall as the battlefield rages on.
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The Light Runners are perfect for players who prefer to engage strategically, providing a balance between aggressive retribution and steadfast defense. With these boots, you can adopt a playstyle that lets you engage with confidence, whether you’re facing off against large groups of enemies or the most intimidating bosses.

For those on the quest to find the ‘ Best Boots’, the Light Runners offer a compelling combination of defensive might and offensive empowerment. Lace them up and prepare to experience with a newfound level of prowess and protection.

Eternal Boots

Igniting Your Path to Victory in

When traversing the treacherous terrain of, selecting the right gear is crucial for your survival and dominance. Among the most sought-after items in this high-stakes game are the Eternal Boots. While they may rank a step below the top-tier Voidwaker Treads in terms of effectiveness, the Eternal Boots offer an unparalleled blend of speed enhancement and damage capabilities that any avid player shouldn’t overlook.

These boots aren’t just about a swift pace; they bring a fiery advantage to your arsenal. The Eternal Boots come with a unique fire trail effect, which can be the deciding factor in boss battles. Luring your formidable foes into this blazing path can turn the tides of combat in your favor. Additionally, the boots provide a significant boost to your HP, giving you that much-needed durability in the heat of battle.

Here’s a breakdown of what the Eternal Boots offer at each upgrade level:

  • Good (Green): Kickstart your survival journey with a base movement speed increase of 2.
  • Better (Blue): Bolster your defenses with an HP increase of 15%.
  • Excellent (Purple): Leave a scorching trail of fire in your wake, dealing damage as you dart around the map.
  • Epic (Yellow): Solidify your survivability with an impressive HP increase of 25%.
  • Legendary (Red): The pinnacle of boot evolution – intensify your fire trail’s damage and slow down your pursuers, ensuring you stay one step ahead.

The Eternal Boots are more than just footwear; they’re a strategic choice for those looking to excel in both evading and enduring the onslaught of enemies. Whether you’re focused on agility to avoid incoming threats or on the offensive to burn through the competition, these boots will ensure that each step you take is powerful and purposeful.

In the world of, where every second and every move counts, equipping yourself with the Eternal Boots could very well mean the difference between defeat and victory. So, lace up and let the flames lead your path to triumph!

Army Boots

The Optimal Balance of Defense and Speed

In the action-packed arenas of, agility and defense often dictate the thin line between triumph and defeat. For players charting their path to supremacy, the Army Boots present themselves as a strategic asset. These boots may be seen as the lite counterpart to the famed Voidwaker Treads, offering increased mobility and a defensive edge that can be the key to outlasting adversaries.

Army Boots are all about tactical advantage—boosting your hero’s movement speed after vanquishing an elite or boss. This perk is essential for navigating the map with alacrity, positioning you to preemptively strike or dodge imminent threats.

What makes the Army Boots indispensable, especially for those who lean on rapid skill deployment, is the cooldown rate decrease when inspired. This effect ensures your hero can unleash abilities more frequently, a critical component in turning the tides of fierce confrontations.

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Here’s the progression of benefits the Army Boots provide as they advance through the ranks:

  • Good (Green): Base level without added enhancements.
  • Better (Blue): Empower your hero with a 10% HP boost, laying the groundwork for increased survivability.
  • Excellent (Purple): Gain a tactical edge with a 30% Movement Speed increase upon defeating Elites/Bosses, which dissipates upon taking a hit.
  • Epic (Yellow): Sharpen your hero’s reflexes with a 30% decrease in skill cooldown when Inspired, keeping you ready for continuous action.
  • Legendary (Red): Fortify your hero with an additional 15% HP boost, enabling you to withstand the onslaught of even the mightiest foes.

The Army Boots are the quintessential choice for players who are strategizing for longevity in combat, yet don’t want to compromise on delivering potent attacks. They offer a balanced approach, ensuring that you’re equipped to navigate treacherous battles with a mixture of speed, power, and protective measures.

For those seeking ‘ Best Boots’, the Army Boots provide a harmonious blend of attributes that cater to a survivalist yet aggressive playstyle. Strap on the Army Boots and embrace a combat experience where you can confidently face any challenge, move with purpose, and strike with deadly precision.

Layered Snowshoes

Improved movement on ice and reduced slip chance

Embarking on the battlefield demands not only courage but also the right equipment, and boots are essential for any survivalist’s success. While Layered Snowshoes may not be the strongest boots in the game, they offer unique advantages that cater to certain playstyles, particularly for those just starting out or players who excel in hit-and-run tactics.

Layered Snowshoes are designed for Survivors who are always on the move, laying traps as they go. The radiation rings these boots leave in your wake are more than just a warning sign for your enemies; they’re a deadly trap that deals damage over time, capable of whittling down the health of pursuing adversaries or those unlucky enough to cross their path.

Here’s how the Layered Snowshoes stack up as you progress through the game:

  • Good (Green): A straightforward start without additional perks.
  • Better (Blue): A 10% HP boost provides a much-needed buffer for newcomers learning to navigate the dangers of
  • Excellent (Purple): With every step, you’ll leave behind radiation rings, turning your trail into a hazardous obstacle for enemies.
  • Epic (Yellow): Triggering radiation rings increases your base movement speed by 2 for a brief 2-second burst, giving you the swift edge needed to escape or reposition.
  • Legendary (Red): Enhance your survivability with a significant 15% HP boost, allowing you to endure longer in the fray.

For players on the hunt for the ‘ Best Boots,’ Layered Snowshoes present an intriguing option. They may not offer the brute strength of other boots, but their ability to create persistent zones of damage can control the battlefield in subtle yet impactful ways. Plus, the extra movement speed is a lifesaver in clutch moments when a strategic retreat is the difference between life and death.

In conclusion, while Layered Snowshoes might be on the lower end of the power spectrum, their utility can’t be overlooked by those who value agility and strategic area denial. If you’re a beginner or a fan of guerrilla warfare, give these boots a try and turn the arena into a treacherous landscape for your foes.


In conclusion, the boots you choose in can make all the difference in your quest for victory. Whether you prioritize speed, protection, stealth, or any other advantage, the best boots in have you covered. From the Voidwaker Treads granting increased movement speed and HP to the Highboots offering bullet damage immunity, each pair of boots offers unique benefits catered to different playstyles.

So, assess your playstyle, consider your priorities, and choose the boots that best suit your needs. Equip yourself with the right footwear, and conquer the world of with confidence. Remember, the path to triumph begins at your feet, so step into the arena and claim your victory!

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