Outerplane Tier List: Ranking [ano_actual] Outerplane Tier List Ranking

Outerplane Tier List: Ranking 2024

Welcome to the Outerplane Tier List for 2024! In this ranking, we will be unveiling the best teams and heroes in the game. Whether you’re a veteran player or just starting your journey in the Outerplane universe, this guide will provide you with valuable insights on team composition and the top heroes to look out for. Strap in and get ready to discover the most powerful and versatile heroes that will lead you to victory!

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Tier List Methodology

Our tier list is created through a rigorous evaluation of each hero’s strengths, weaknesses, abilities, and overall performance. We take into account a variety of factors, such as damage output, survivability, utility, and synergy with other heroes. This comprehensive approach ensures that our tier list is accurate and reflective of the current meta-game.

Categorization Criteria

To provide a clear and structured ranking, we have divided the heroes into four tiers:

  • S Tier Heroes: The S tier consists of the cream of the crop, the most dominant heroes in the game. These heroes possess exceptional abilities that make them essential in any team composition. They have superior damage output, exceptional survivability, and game-changing skills that can turn the tide of battle. If you’re looking for the best of the best, the S tier is where you’ll find them.
  • A Tier Heroes: The A tier is home to heroes who are slightly below the S tier in terms of overall power. These heroes are still formidable in their own right and can be game-changers in the right hands. They have strong abilities and can contribute significantly to the team’s success.
  • B Tier Heroes: The B tier includes heroes who are solid choices but may require more specific team compositions or strategies to reach their full potential. They still possess valuable skills and can provide excellent support to the team.
  • C Tier Heroes: The C tier encompasses heroes who have a lower overall power level compared to those in the higher tiers. While these heroes may have their strengths, they often lack the versatility or impact of heroes in higher tiers. It is important to carefully consider how and when to use them to maximize their effectiveness.

Outerplane S Tier Heroes

Let’s dive into the S tier heroes, the crème de la crème of the Outerplane universe. These heroes possess extraordinary abilities and are often the linchpin of successful team compositions. They have the power to obliterate enemies and turn the tide of battle in an instant. Let’s meet our top contenders:

Hanbyul Lee: The Defensive Powerhouse

Hanbyul Lee, known as the “Twinkling Little Angel,” reigns supreme as the best character in Outerplane. As a Defender with an Earth element, Hanbyul Lee’s unmatched power and comprehensive range of defensive skills set her apart. Her ability to absorb damage and shield allies from enemy onslaughts makes her an essential asset, particularly in PvP battles where survival is key. Hanbyul Lee’s third skill, “Twinkle Twinkle,” provides immunity against all incoming debuffs for one turn, offering a significant tactical advantage and bolstering her status as the top defender in the game.

Rhona: The Close-Range Conqueror

Rhona, the “Amnesic Drifter,” excels as a Striker, bringing formidable close-range attack capabilities to the forefront. With an Earth element, her potent base attack damage and impressive AoE damage output can devastate enemy defenses. Rhona’s unique ability to auto-heal adds a layer of resilience, making her an invaluable member of any team, particularly in the absence of a dedicated healer. Her skill set not only ensures her survivability but also enables her to sustain prolonged engagements, making her a force to be reckoned with on any battlefield.

Valentine: The Long-Distance Dominator

Valentine stands as the preeminent Ranger hero in Outerplane, specializing in dealing lethal damage to distant adversaries. Bearing the title “Underworld Queenpin” and wielding Fire element powers, Valentine’s skill combination significantly enhances Critical Hit Chance and Damage for herself and her teammates. This ability to amplify damage output, coupled with increased survivability, allows her team to unleash a barrage of devastating attacks, securing Valentine’s position as the ultimate long-range damage dealer.

Mene: The Supreme Healer of Outerplane

Mene, affectionately known as the “Little Insomniac Nun,” stands out as the premier healer within Outerplane. What sets Mene apart is not just her ability to heal and revive her allies but her formidable shielding capabilities. These shields not only protect her team from incoming enemy attacks but also significantly reduce the duration of debuffs, making her an essential asset in any team composition. Furthermore, Mene’s third skill, which boosts the attack power of all nearby allies for two turns, proves invaluable in both PvP confrontations and challenging boss battles, highlighting her role as a cornerstone in any defensive strategy.

Maxwell: The Dark Mage with Devastating Power

Maxwell, known as the “Heretic Mage,” wields dark magic to unleash havoc upon his adversaries. His magical attacks not only breach enemy defenses but also diminish the potency of their buffs, rendering them susceptible to physical harm. Maxwell’s ability to inflict severe multi-target damage positions him as a terror on the battlefield, capable of annihilating entire groups of enemies with his sorcery. Paired with other strong DPS characters, Maxwell becomes an even more formidable force, making him a critical player in both PvE and PvP arenas.

Francesca: The Fierce Striker of the Dark

Francesca, the “Bloodthirsty Brawler,” brings ferocity and relentless aggression to her role as a Striker. Her innate ability to engage in close combat, coupled with her dark element, allows her to dominate the battlefield, tearing through enemy lines with ease. Francesca’s aggressive tactics and formidable presence make her a key player in any offensive strategy, ready to face whatever challenges come her way.

Leo: The Beacon of Justice

Clad in the radiant essence of Light, Leo, the “Righteous Hero,” epitomizes the quintessential Defender. His unwavering resolve and exceptional defensive capabilities make him a bulwark against darkness. Leo’s ability to shield his allies from harm and light up the battlefield with hope renders him indispensable in prolonged engagements where endurance is key. His presence alone inspires allies to fight with renewed vigor, making him a stalwart guardian in the face of overwhelming odds.

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Eliza: The Shadow That Hunts in Silence

Eliza, bearing the title “Archdemon of Pure Blood,” commands the shadows as Outerplane’s premier Ranger. Her Dark element affords her attacks a chilling precision, capable of striking fear into the hearts of her foes. Eliza’s expertise in ranged combat allows her to decimate enemies from afar, her arrows guided by a malevolent will. Her presence on the battlefield is a constant reminder that not all power comes bathed in light, with her dark prowess providing strategic depth to any team.

Saeran: The Harbinger of Renewal

Saeran, known as the “Lightbringer,” weaves the very essence of Earth into a tapestry of healing and rejuvenation. As a Healer, his abilities extend beyond mere restoration of health, breathing life into the most desolate of situations. Saeran’s connection to the earth allows him to draw forth vitality, ensuring his allies remain steadfast and resilient amidst chaos. His skills are particularly crucial in sustaining the team’s vitality, proving that the strength to endure can be as potent as the might to conquer.

Laplace: The Master of Elemental Mysteries

Laplace, the “43rd Dean of Magnolia,” holds dominion over the element of Water as a Mage of unparalleled intellect and power. His mastery over the arcane arts allows him to manipulate the battlefield with fluid grace, his spells ebbing and flowing like the tides. Laplace’s strategic acumen and potent magical assaults can dismantle enemy formations, making him a key player in any offensive or defensive strategy. His wisdom, drawn from the depths of water’s mysteries, guides his allies towards victory with foresight and precision.

Outerplane A Tier Heroes

Moving on to the A tier heroes, these individuals are just a step below the S tier. However, they still possess exceptional abilities and can make a significant impact in battles. Let’s explore the heroes occupying this tier:

Sterope: The Dark Guardian with a Shocking Presence

Sterope, known as “Sacred Lightning,” brings electrifying energy to the battlefield as a Defender. With the Dark element at her command, she embodies a unique blend of protection and aggression. Sterope’s ability to absorb and deflect damage, all while disrupting enemy lines with her lightning-infused attacks, makes her an indispensable asset for any team looking for a sturdy shield with a striking counterattack.

Rin: The Water Warrior with a Spirit for Adventure

As the “Slayer of the Wild Spirits,” Rin wields the power of Water to navigate the battlefield with grace and ferocity. Her classification as a Striker is well-deserved, with swift and impactful attacks that leave her opponents reeling. Rin’s mastery over water allows her to adapt fluidly to changing battle conditions, making her a versatile fighter capable of drenching her enemies in defeat.

Alice: The Earth Mage with Knowledge as Her Weapon

Alice, the “Armed Librarian of the Magic Academy,” combines her Earth element with an extensive knowledge of arcane lore to outmaneuver and outwit her foes. As a Mage, her spells are as formidable as her intellect, casting barriers that protect her allies and curses that weaken her adversaries. Alice’s strategic use of earth magic to control the terrain and manipulate the elements makes her a critical thinker on the battlefield and a guardian of her team’s success.

Astei: The Fire Healer Whose Warmth Shields and Restores

Bearing the title “Archbishop of Sacred,” Astei brings the purifying flames of the Fire element into play, standing out as a Healer who not only restores vitality but also empowers her allies. Astei’s divine connection allows her to channel fiery energies into healing waves that mend wounds and bolster the fighting spirit of her companions. Her presence ensures that the team’s flames of hope and courage never flicker out, even in the direst circumstances.

Tamara: The Precision of the Numbered Hunter

Tamara, wielding the element of Water as a Ranger, is renowned as the “Numbered Hunter.” Her exceptional archery skills allow her to target enemies with deadly precision, making her an essential asset for eliminating high-value targets from a distance. Tamara’s control over water enhances her arrows with fluidity and penetration, ensuring that her shots not only hit but also disrupt enemy formations, making her indispensable in battles where precision and agility are key.

Noa: The Legacy of the Descendant of the Scientific Inheritance

Noa, an Earth element Striker, carries the title “Descendant of the Scientific Inheritance.” With a background enriched by ancient knowledge and modern innovation, Noa brings to the field a unique blend of power and intellect. Her attacks are not just physical but are augmented by scientific principles, allowing her to manipulate the battlefield’s terrain to her advantage. Noa’s ability to adapt and overcome makes her a formidable opponent in any confrontation, especially when strategy and brute force must go hand in hand.

Veronica: The Unyielding Force of the Invincible Knight Commander

As a Defender with the Water element, Veronica stands as the “Invincible Knight Commander,” a title she upholds with every battle. Her defensive prowess is unmatched, capable of withstanding severe onslaughts while protecting her allies. Veronica’s command over water not only fortifies her defenses but also allows her to create barriers and obstacles that can change the tide of battle. Her leadership and indomitable spirit rally her team, providing them with the fortitude to face any challenge.

Notia: The Earth’s Guardian as the Paladin of Earth

Notia, an Earth element Ranger known as the “Paladin of Earth,” blends the precision of a ranger with the protective nature of a paladin. Her mastery over the earth element enables her to harness the terrain to her advantage, setting traps and using the landscape as a weapon against her enemies. Notia’s role as a guardian extends beyond mere offense; her earth-based skills allow her to shield her allies and provide them with strategic positions from which to launch their attacks.

Kate: The Forge of Victory

Kate, known as the “Fiery Blacksmith,” is a Defender whose element is Fire. Her prowess on the battlefield is as formidable as her ability to forge weapons. Kate’s fiery nature isn’t just for show; she uses her command over flames to enhance her defensive capabilities, creating barriers of fire that protect her allies while scorching enemies who dare come too close. Her role as a defender is critical in maintaining the frontline, ensuring that her team can rely on her to absorb and mitigate incoming damage.

Faenan: The Beacon of Hope

Faenan, carrying the title of “Curious Priestess” and wielding the element of Light, serves as a Healer in Outerplane. Her curiosity is not just a trait but a strength, driving her to discover powerful healing magics that can restore her allies in the heat of battle. Beyond mere healing, Faenan’s light-based abilities provide buffs that enhance her team’s resilience and combat effectiveness, making her an indispensable source of support and hope on the battlefield.

Eternal: The Master of the Arcane

Eternal, the “Exotic Necromancer” with the element of Fire, brings the mysterious and powerful art of necromancy to the role of a Mage. His ability to summon and control the undead is not his only asset; Eternal uses his fire magic to incinerate his foes, combining elemental fury with dark sorcery. His versatility allows him to adapt to various combat situations, unleashing devastating area-of-effect spells that can turn the tide of battle in an instant.

Outerplane B Tier Heroes

The heroes in the B tier are solid choices for your team composition. While they may not possess the raw power of the S or A tier heroes, they bring their own unique strengths to the table. Here are a few standout heroes from the B tier:

Beth: The Delightful Force of the Waters

Beth, known as the “Archdemon’s Adorable Minion,” wields the element of Water as a Striker. Her charm belies a fierce warrior capable of unleashing torrents of water-based attacks on her adversaries. Beth’s agility and striking power make her an asset in battles where speed and damage are paramount. Her ability to adapt to fluid combat situations, paired with her water elemental attacks, allows her to navigate the battlefield with ease, making her a formidable force against enemies susceptible to water damage.

Ritri: The Bastion of Defense

Ritri, the “Loyal Guardian Knight,” serves as a Defender with mastery over the Water element. His dedication to protecting his allies is unmatched, erecting barriers of water to shield his team from harm. Ritri’s defensive strategies are crucial in prolonged engagements, where his ability to absorb and mitigate damage can provide his allies the opportunity to counterattack. His presence on the field ensures a bulwark against the onslaught of enemy forces, making him a reliable guardian in every battle.

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Aer: The Laid-Back Blaze

Aer, the “Slacker Surfer Knight,” brings a fiery spirit to the role of a Striker, with the Fire element at his command. Despite his laid-back demeanor, Aer’s attacks are anything but relaxed. His fiery assaults can scorch through enemy defenses, embodying the unpredictable nature of fire. Aer’s passion for battle, combined with his surfer’s agility, allows him to outmaneuver opponents and deliver devastating blows, proving that even a slacker can ignite the battlefield when it counts.

Eva: The Beacon of Healing Light

Eva, titled the “Faithful Automaton,” shines as a Healer illuminated by the Light element. Her unwavering commitment to her allies’ wellbeing makes her an essential component of any team. Eva’s light-based healing abilities not only restore health but also empower her teammates, enabling them to withstand and persevere through the toughest battles. Her automaton precision ensures that her healing is both efficient and effective, casting a beacon of hope across the battlefield.

Snow: The Chill of the Battlefield

As a Ranger with the element of Water, Snow, the “Heat-Averse Frost Elf,” brings a cool demeanor to the heat of battle. This frost elf uses her affinity for cold to slow enemies and create strategic advantages for her team. Her ranged attacks, infused with the chill of winter, can freeze opponents in their tracks, making her an invaluable asset in controlling the flow of combat. Snow’s unique ability to manipulate the battlefield’s temperature makes her a tactical choice against fire-based adversaries.

Vera: Embracing the Darkness

Vera, a Striker of the Dark element, known as “A Stranger in a Strange World,” wields her mysterious powers to navigate and manipulate the shadows. Her attacks not only pierce through the heart of darkness but also bring a new depth to her team’s strategy. Vera’s ability to adapt to unfamiliar terrains and her agility in combat allow her to strike from the shadows, making her presence on the battlefield as enigmatic as it is deadly.

K: The Fire Within

As a Defender embodying the Fire element, K, “The Lone Avenger,” stands as a beacon of resilience and determination. His fiery spirit is not just for show; it fuels his protective instincts, enabling him to shield his allies from harm. K’s mastery over fire enhances his defensive capabilities, allowing him to absorb and repel attacks with the same intensity. His dedication to avenging the wronged and protecting the weak makes him a formidable guardian against any foe.

Idith: The Earth’s Might

Idith, an Earth element Striker with the title “Honorable Knight,” upholds the virtues of courage and strength. Her connection to the earth grants her attacks additional weight, enabling her to deliver crushing blows to her adversaries. Idith’s honor-bound duty to defend the innocent and her strategic prowess in battle earn her the respect of allies and enemies alike. Her robust attacks and steadfast nature make her a reliable force on the front lines.

Alpha: The Enigmatic Water Mage

Alpha, known as “The Mystery Girl,” wields the element of Water as a Mage with a mysterious aura. Her ability to manipulate water not only allows for powerful attacks but also enables her to create defensive barriers and control the battlefield’s flow. Alpha’s magic can douse the flames of the most ferocious fire enemies and disrupt the strategies of her opponents with her unpredictable spells. Her role as a versatile Mage makes her an invaluable asset in battles where adaptability and elemental advantage play critical roles.

Lyla: The Visionary Healer

Lyla, the “Stargazing Sibyl,” is a Healer whose connection to the Water element is as deep as the oceans. Her healing powers are augmented by her celestial insights, providing not just physical restoration but also strategic foresight into the battle’s outcome. Lyla’s ability to foresee enemy movements and heal her allies makes her an essential part of any team, especially in prolonged engagements where endurance is tested. Her presence brings a sense of calm and assurance, knowing that recovery is within reach under her watchful gaze.

Tanya: The Earth’s Stalwart Defender

Tanya, carrying the title of “Trusty Guardian Knight,” is a Striker with an affinity for the Earth element. Her steadfast nature is reflected in her combat style, utilizing the strength and resilience of the earth to protect her allies and strike down her foes. Tanya’s attacks are not only powerful but also imbued with the protective spirit of the earth, allowing her to act as both a formidable attacker and a bulwark against enemy advances. Her dedication to safeguarding her comrades inspires courage and determination, making her a pillar of strength in any confrontation.

Outerplane C Tier Heroes

The heroes in the C tier may not be the most powerful, but that doesn’t mean they should be overlooked. Each of these heroes has their own unique set of abilities and can contribute to the team’s success in certain situations. Here are a few notable C tier heroes:

Dolly: The Enigmatic Earth Mage

Dolly, known affectionately as the “Sleeping Beauty,” is an Earth element Mage whose capabilities extend beyond her tranquil appearance. Her mastery over earth magic allows her to manipulate the battlefield, creating barriers and traps that can control enemy movement and protect her allies. Dolly’s strategic value lies in her ability to alter the dynamics of the fight, making her an asset in battles where terrain can be a deciding factor.

Naru Kang: The Fiery Defender

Naru Kang, the “Little Hero,” is a Defender with the element of Fire. Despite his diminutive stature, his courage and resilience burn fiercely, allowing him to stand tall against adversaries. Naru Kang’s fire-based defensive skills not only shield his allies but can also retaliate with bursts of flame, punishing enemies who dare to breach his defenses. His protective nature and fiery counterattacks make him a stalwart guardian on the battlefield.

Tio: The Compassionate Fire Healer

Tio, the “Gentle Healer,” brings warmth and restoration to his team with his Fire element abilities. His approach to healing is both nurturing and strategic, as he can not only mend wounds but also imbue his allies with fire’s vigor, enhancing their combat effectiveness. Tio’s presence ensures that the team’s morale remains high, with his gentle yet powerful healing keeping the flames of hope alive through the toughest battles.

Laine: The Earth’s Watchful Ranger

Laine, the “Protector of the Forest,” is a Ranger who embodies the steadfastness of the Earth element. Her keen senses and deep connection to nature allow her to guard her territory fiercely, striking from a distance with precision. Laine’s ability to harness the earth not only grants her attacks additional impact but also provides strategic advantages by manipulating the natural environment to her team’s benefit.

Philia: The Enchantress of the Shadows

Philia, hailed as “A Girl in Love,” is a Dark element Mage whose love-infused magic belies a potent force on the battlefield. Her dark spells can bewitch and debilitate her enemies, sowing chaos in their ranks and tipping the scales in her favor. Philia’s mastery of dark magic allows her to manipulate the battlefield in subtle ways, making her an intriguing choice for players who favor cunning and manipulation over brute force.

Adelie: The Wave Rider

Adelie, known affectionately as the “Adorable Captain,” commands the element of Water as a Striker. Her leadership on the high seas translates into agile and fluid combat techniques that can overwhelm opponents with a deluge of strikes. Adelie’s connection to water not only grants her mobility and versatility in battle but also enables her to exploit her enemies’ weaknesses with precision, making her a formidable foe against those unprepared for her torrential tactics.

Cindy: The Heart of the Adventurers’ Guild

Cindy serves as the “Adventurers’ Guild Receptionist,” a Water element Ranger whose knowledge of quests and lore is as vast as the ocean. Her role in guiding adventurers makes her a key strategic asset, with her arrows delivering messages of hope and defiance across the battlefield. Cindy’s ability to support her team from a distance, coupled with her insightful knowledge of enemy vulnerabilities, positions her as a crucial player in any tactical lineup.

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Fenrir: The Solitary Flame

Fenrir, the “Lone Wolf” with the element of Fire, embodies the ferocity and resilience of a striker who walks the path alone. His fiery spirit ignites the battlefield, allowing him to launch relentless attacks that burn through enemy defenses. Fenrir’s solitary nature is his strength, enabling him to endure and fight back even when the odds are stacked against him, proving that sometimes, a lone wolf can turn the tide of battle.

Shu: The Healing Beats of the Virtual World

Shu, the “Up-And-Coming Virtual DJ,” harnesses the element of Water in her role as a Healer. With her decks and dials, Shu mixes the soothing sounds of water to heal her allies and boost their morale. Her unique approach to healing goes beyond mere restoration, as her music can also debuff enemies, disrupting their rhythm and flow in battle. Shu’s innovative use of sound and water elements makes her a distinctive choice for players looking for a healer with flair and versatility.

Lisha: The Fiery Gaze of Wisdom

Lisha, known as the “Master of the Mana-Seeing Eyes,” is a Fire element Mage whose insight into the arcane is unparalleled. Her ability to perceive and manipulate mana allows her to cast spells with precision and power, making her a formidable opponent on the battlefield. Lisha’s mastery over fire magic is not just for offense; her keen eyes can also reveal enemy weaknesses, providing strategic advantages to her team. Her role as a mage is enhanced by her deep understanding of magical forces, positioning her as a key player in battles requiring intellect and firepower.

Sofia: The Elegance of Water in Combat

Sofia, “A Sophisticated Lady,” brings sophistication and grace to the role of a Striker, with the Water element at her command. Her combat style is as fluid as it is deadly, allowing her to dance through enemy lines with ease. Sofia’s elegance on the battlefield is matched by her strategic prowess, as she uses water to not only attack but also to create openings for her allies. Her ability to blend combat effectiveness with style makes her a unique and valuable asset to any team looking to add finesse and power to their ranks.

Iris: The Bright Flame of Potential

Iris, “Magnolia’s Star Student,” shines brightly as a Fire element Mage. Her dedication and talent have made her a standout among her peers, with a command over fire magic that belies her C-Tier ranking. Iris’s spells can light up the darkest corners of Outerplane, providing both illumination and destruction. Her status as Magnolia’s star student is not just for show; Iris is constantly learning and growing, promising even greater feats of magical prowess on the horizon.

Outerplane D Tier Heroes

In the expansive world of Outerplane, D-Tier heroes, often viewed as weak due to their minimal abilities and stats, hold unique value in the game’s early stages. These characters serve as crucial building blocks for new players, offering a simpler introduction to the game’s mechanics and providing essential support in initial battles.

Despite their limitations, D-Tier heroes can fill gaps in team composition, allowing for strategic experimentation with team setups without significant investment. By strategically leveraging these heroes’ basic skills and optimizing their use through upgrades and strategic positioning, players can navigate early challenges effectively, laying a solid foundation for future victories in Outerplane.

Pesketh: The Earth’s Cunning Ranger

Pesketh, known as the “Shifty Informant,” utilizes his Earth element to navigate the battlefield with stealth and precision. As a Ranger, his role involves gathering crucial information and exploiting the terrain to his advantage, making him a valuable asset for strategic positioning and enemy surveillance. His shifty nature allows him to stay one step ahead of adversaries, providing teams with the advantage of foresight in combat.

Parti: The Fire’s Adventurous Striker

Parti, carrying the title “The Flavor Explorer,” brings a fiery passion to the battlefield. As a Striker with the Fire element, his adventurous spirit is matched by his explosive combat style, allowing him to discover and exploit weaknesses in enemy defenses. Parti’s explorative approach to battle can ignite the potential for unexpected victories, even with his basic abilities.

Marian: The Water’s Mystical Mage

Marian, “The Bound Spirit,” wields Water magic with a gentle yet powerful touch. As a Mage, her abilities to manipulate water serve both as a means of binding enemies and as a symbol of her freedom within constraints. Her presence brings a soothing yet potent force to the battlefield, capable of disrupting enemy formations and providing her team with fluid advantages.

Claire: The Fire’s Devoted Healer

Claire, known as “The Owner of the Black Scripture,” channels the Fire element in her role as a Healer. Her unique blend of fire-based healing and protective magic, derived from the ancient texts she guards, offers her team resilience against the flames of adversity. Claire’s dedication to her scripture allows her to draw upon deep, fiery energies to mend wounds and bolster her allies’ spirits, proving that even the most overlooked characters can cast a significant impact.

Yuri: The Stoic Earth Defender

Yuri, bearing the mantle of the “Ironclad Defeatist,” stands as a testament to resilience and perseverance. As a Defender with an Earth element, his steadfast nature makes him an unyielding presence on the battlefield. Despite his title, Yuri’s determination in the face of adversity bolsters his team’s defense, enabling him to absorb and mitigate incoming damage, providing a solid foundation for his allies to counterattack.

Orox: The Earth’s Unyielding Force

Orox, known as the “Relentless Bison,” charges into battle with the unstoppable force of the Earth element. This Striker embodies the raw power and indomitable will of nature, using his strength to break through enemy lines and create openings for his team. Orox’s relentless assaults demonstrate that even the simplest attacks can become formidable when driven by unwavering determination.

Lily: The Delicate Water Archer

Lily, the “Li’l Ballista,” proves that size does not define strength. As a Ranger wielding the Water element, her precise and fluid attacks can find their mark from great distances, making her an invaluable asset for weakening foes before the main engagement. Lily’s ability to adapt and respond to the flow of battle with grace and accuracy ensures that her team always has the advantage of strategic positioning.

Flamberge: The Earth’s Healing Flame

Flamberge, the “Captain of the Annihilation Sect,” brings an unconventional approach to the role of a Healer. With an Earth element, her connection to both the land and her sect’s fiery spirit allows her to draw upon natural energies to mend wounds and invigorate her allies. Flamberge’s healing is as much about restoration as it is about renewal, preparing her team to rise from the ashes of conflict stronger than before.

Guizam: The Fiery Vanguard

Guizam, known as the “Blitz Commander of the Annihilation Sect,” embodies the ferocity of Fire as a Striker. His title hints at a capability for rapid assaults, making him a valuable asset for swift, decisive strikes against the enemy. Guizam’s approach to combat is intense and focused, with his fire element enhancing his attacks to not only damage but also intimidate opponents, setting the stage for his allies to capitalize on the chaos he creates.

Rico: The Earth’s Resourceful Archer

Rico, the “Cheerful Cheapskate,” brings a unique blend of resourcefulness and optimism to the battlefield as an Earth element Ranger. Despite his tier, Rico’s ability to make the most out of limited resources and his knack for finding advantageous positions make him a surprisingly effective combatant. His cheerful demeanor belies a strategic mind that can utilize the terrain to his advantage, ensuring that his arrows find their mark while keeping himself out of harm’s way.

Bleu: The Waters of Wisdom

Bleu, the “Diligent Young Mage,” wields the element of Water with a dedication and focus that surpass his D-Tier classification. As a Mage, his studious nature has led him to uncover potent water-based spells that can disrupt enemy formations and provide support to his team. Bleu’s diligence in mastering his craft means that his magical abilities are constantly improving, offering potential for significant impact as he grows in power and knowledge.

Team Composition Tips

Now that we’ve explored the heroes in each tier, it’s time to delve into team composition and strategy. The key to success in Outerplane battles lies not only in individual hero strength but also in how well your team works together. Here are some tips to help you build the optimal team:

1. Best Heroes for PvE Battles

  • When it comes to PvE battles, heroes with high damage output and crowd control abilities are invaluable. Look for heroes who can dish out massive damage to quickly eliminate enemies and clear stages.
  • Include a healer or support hero in your team to ensure the survival of your damage dealers. A well-rounded team can sustain prolonged battles and overcome challenging PvE content.
  • Consider heroes with elemental advantages against certain enemies. Some enemies may be weak to specific elements, allowing your heroes to deal increased damage.

2. Best Heroes for PvP Battles

  • In PvP battles, speed is crucial. Look for heroes with high agility or skills that grant them speed boosts to gain the upper hand in battle.
  • Heroes with crowd control abilities are particularly effective in PvP. Stun, freeze, or silence your opponents to disable their abilities and gain an advantage.
  • Include heroes with tank-like abilities to protect your damage dealers from enemy attacks. A balanced team that can sustain damage and deal it out efficiently is key to victory.

Honorable Mentions

While our tier list highlights the best of the best, there are still several heroes worth mentioning. These heroes may not have made it to the top tiers, but they possess unique abilities and playstyles that can provide a refreshing change to your team composition. Here are a few honorable mentions:

1. Outerplane Characters

The Outerplane characters not only provide diverse playstyles but also offer a refreshing change from the meta. Experimenting with different heroes, even those outside the top tiers, can yield surprising results and unique strategies. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box and try out new combinations!


Building the perfect team in Outerplane is a challenging yet rewarding task. With our tier list as your guide, you can make informed decisions about your team composition and hero selection. Remember, the key to success lies in understanding each hero’s strengths and weaknesses and creating a well-balanced team that synergizes effectively. So rally your heroes, strategize your battles, and conquer the Outerplane!

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