Best Omniheroes Ranked: [ano_actual] Tier List Best Omniheroes Ranked Tier List

Best Omniheroes Ranked: 2024 Tier List

Welcome to the Best Omniheroes Ranked: 2024 Tier List! In Omniheroes, the ultimate goal is to assemble the strongest team of heroes to conquer the challenges that lie ahead. With over 100 heroes to choose from, it can be overwhelming to determine who are the best candidates for your team. Fear not, for this tier list will guide you through the vast roster and highlight the cream of the crop. Whether you’re a seasoned player or just starting your journey, this tier list will help you make informed decisions and maximize your chances of success.

S Tier Heroes


Macaria stands at the top of the S tier, and for good reason. Her skill set makes her a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield. With her ability to heal and buff the entire team, she ensures the survival of her allies while also dealing significant damage to enemies. Macaria’s presence alone can turn the tide of any battle, making her an invaluable asset to any team.

Furthermore, Macaria’s versatility allows her to excel in different game modes, whether it be PvE or PvP. Her healing abilities can be a lifesaver in challenging dungeons, while her damage-dealing potential can dominate in competitive arenas. If you’re looking for a well-rounded hero who excels in both offense and support, Macaria should be your go-to choice.


Nyx is another standout hero in the S tier. With her ability to control the battlefield, Nyx is a formidable opponent that should not be underestimated. She possesses powerful crowd control skills, allowing her to stun and disrupt the enemy team. In addition, Nyx’s damage output is nothing to scoff at, making her a versatile hero who can both lock down enemies and deal significant damage.

Whether you’re facing hordes of minions or powerful bosses, Nyx’s crowd control abilities can turn the tide of battle in your favor. Her presence alone can break enemy formations and give your team the opportunity to strike. Nyx is a force to be reckoned with, and having her on your team can make all the difference between victory and defeat.


Talanis is a warrior like no other. With his unparalleled strength and defensive capabilities, he is the epitome of a tank. Talanis can absorb massive amounts of damage while also dealing devastating blows to his enemies. His ability to taunt enemies and redirect their attacks make him an ideal frontline hero, providing crucial protection for his teammates.

In addition to his tanking abilities, Talanis also has a wide array of crowd control skills that can immobilize and disrupt enemy formations. This makes him a versatile hero who can not only soak up damage, but also control the battlefield. Talanis is a cornerstone of any solid team composition, and his presence can make your team virtually unbreakable.

S Tier Heroes


Talos embodies the essence of destruction. With his immense strength and devastating abilities, he is a force to be reckoned with. Talos specializes in dealing massive AoE (Area of Effect) damage, obliterating multiple enemies at once. His attacks are not only powerful, but also have a chance to stun enemies, leaving them vulnerable to follow-up attacks.

In addition to his AoE damage, Talos possesses defensive abilities that allow him to mitigate incoming damage. This combination of offense and defense makes him a formidable hero in almost any situation. Whether you’re facing a horde of enemies or a powerful boss, Talos will make short work of them. With his destructive prowess, Talos is a must-have hero for any team looking to dominate the battlefield.

Lily & Lia

Lily & Lia are a dynamic duo that brings a unique playstyle to Omniheroes. As two heroes in one, they offer a combination of offense and healing that is unmatched by any other hero. Lily, the DPS (Damage Per Second), deals heavy damage to enemies with her ranged attacks, while Lia, the support, provides crucial healing and buffs to the team.

The synergy between Lily and Lia is what truly makes them shine. Lily can deal damage from a safe distance while Lia keeps her health topped up and enhances her damage output. Their combined abilities create a potent combination that can conquer even the toughest challenges. If you’re looking for a team that offers both damage and sustain, Lily & Lia should be at the top of your list.


Mastema is a mage that specializes in dark magic. With her powerful spells and debuffing abilities, she can control the battlefield and cripple her enemies. Mastema’s skills not only deal damage, but also reduce the effectiveness of enemy heals and buffs, making her a valuable asset in countering support-focused teams.

In addition to her damage and debuffing capabilities, Mastema also has crowd control abilities that can immobilize and silence enemies. This allows her to dictate the pace of the battle and incapacitate key threats. If you’re looking for a mage who can disrupt enemy strategies and deal heavy damage, Mastema is the hero for you.


Guinn is a hero who excels in dealing sustained damage over time. With her rapid strikes and bleeding abilities, she can whittle down her enemies’ health bars with ease. Guinn’s attacks not only deal damage, but also apply stacking debuffs that increase the amount of damage her targets take.

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In addition to her damage output, Guinn also possesses evasion abilities that make her harder to hit. This allows her to survive longer in battle and continue dealing damage to her enemies. If you’re looking for a hero who can apply relentless pressure and slowly chip away at enemy defenses, Guinn is the perfect choice.


Janna is a versatile hero who can fulfill multiple roles depending on the situation. With her healing abilities, she can keep her allies alive and ensure their survival throughout battles. Janna’s support skills also include cleansing debuffs and providing crucial buffs to her team, making her an invaluable asset in challenging encounters.

In addition to her support abilities, Janna also possesses offensive skills that allow her to deal damage to enemies. While not as potent as dedicated damage dealers, her ability to simultaneously heal and inflict damage makes her a unique and versatile hero. If you’re looking for a hero who can adapt to different situations, Janna is the hero for you.


Arkdina is a ranged attacker who specializes in dealing single-target damage with precision. With her accurate shots and crit-focused abilities, she can burst down high-value targets with ease. Arkdina’s attacks not only deal significant damage, but also have a chance to apply debuffs and weaken enemy defenses.

In addition to her damage-dealing capabilities, Arkdina possesses evasion abilities that make her harder to hit. This allows her to survive longer in battle and continue picking off her enemies one by one. If you’re looking for a hero who can eliminate priority targets and disrupt enemy formations, Arkdina is the hero for you.


Lachesis is a support hero who specializes in healing and buffing her team. With her abilities to heal, cleanse debuffs, and enhance her allies’ abilities, she ensures the success and survival of her team in battles. Lachesis’s presence alone can turn the tide of any encounter, as she keeps her teammates healthy and empowers them to unleash their full potential.

In addition to her support abilities, Lachesis also possesses defensive skills that can protect her team from harm. Whether it be shields, damage mitigation, or resurrecting fallen allies, she has the tools to keep her team alive and thriving. If you’re looking for a hero who can provide unparalleled support and keep your team going, Lachesis is the hero for you.

A Tier Heroes

In the captivating world of Omniheroes, assembling a team of formidable characters is the cornerstone of dominating the battlefield. For gamers looking to optimize their lineup based on the ‘Omniheroes tier list,’ understanding the strengths and synergies of top-tier heroes is essential. This comprehensive guide delves into the A-ranked legends, each boasting the Legendary rarity and excelling in their respective roles and factions.

  • Karnak, the Mecha Lord of the Divine Faction As a Warrior, Karnak stands tall with his A rank, showcasing robust combat skills and an affinity for technological prowess in battle.
  • Albert, Empire’s Tower Master Wielding arcane powers as a Mage, Albert’s strategic mastery over magic earns him an A rank, making him a pivotal asset for any team looking for versatile spellcasting.
  • Atropos, the Moira of Demise from the Empire With her support skills, Atropos ensures her allies’ survival and enemies’ downfall, rightfully securing her A rank among the legends.
  • Victoria, the Divine’s Winged Victory As a Warrior, Victoria combines her divine heritage with unmatched battlefield valor, soaring high in the A tier.
  • Salleine, the Powerful Regent of the Empire Salleine’s magical prowess as a Mage is renowned across realms, cementing her position in the A rank with her devastating spells.
  • Hallios, the Archangel of the Divine Faction Hallios epitomizes the warrior spirit with celestial power, making him an indispensable A-ranked hero in the fight against darkness.
  • Aiushtha, the Demon Faction’s Doomsday Valkyrie This Support hero offers a unique blend of demonic energy and valkyrie tactics, ensuring her A rank status with her life-saving and battlefield-controlling abilities.
  • Dullahan, the Headless Horseman of the Demon Faction As a Tank, Dullahan embodies the terror of the night, standing resilient in defense of his allies and securing his A rank with formidable presence.
  • Eudora, the Eternal Flame of the Divine Eudora’s fiery spirit and warrior skills light up the path to victory, making her an A-ranked beacon of hope and strength.
  • Marina, the Woodland’s Glorious Valkyrie With her Mage class, Marina combines the mystic forces of nature with valkyrie might, earning her a well-deserved A rank.
  • Minotaur, the Mino’s Bull from Woodland As a Tank, Minotaur’s indomitable strength and protective instincts make him an unmovable force, solidifying his A-tier status.

In the strategic game of Omniheroes, aligning with the ‘Omniheroes tier list’ empowers players to make informed decisions, assembling a team not just of powerful individuals but of legends whose abilities complement each other for the ultimate synergy on the battlefield. Whether you’re rallying the divine might of Karnak and Eudora, the arcane wisdom of Albert and Salleine, or the demonic resilience of Aiushtha and Dullahan, understanding the tier list is your first step towards claiming victory in the realm of Omniheroes.

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B Tier Heroes

In the vast universe of Omniheroes, where countless heroes vie for glory, understanding the nuances of the ‘omniheroes best heroes’ can significantly enhance your gameplay strategy. While much attention is often given to those at the pinnacle of the tier list, the B-tier heroes, categorized as ‘OK’, offer a blend of unique abilities and potential that should not be overlooked. Let’s explore these legendary heroes who, with the right strategy, can become pivotal in your quest for victory.

  • Dorabella, the Ethereal Valkyrie of the Empire As a Mage, Dorabella wields arcane powers with grace, making her a formidable ally in battles that require magical dominance. Her ethereal presence on the battlefield is not just for show; it’s a testament to her legendary status.
  • Athena, the Empire’s War Queen Donning the mantle of a Tank, Athena leads with valor and strength. Her ability to withstand enemy onslaughts while rallying her allies makes her an indispensable force within the Empire’s ranks.
  • Emily, the Enigmatic Ghost Bride from Eclipse Another Mage, Emily’s spectral abilities allow her to weave through the battlefield, casting spells that chill her foes to the bone. Her haunting presence is a boon in any encounter, particularly against those unprepared for her ethereal assaults.
  • Marlena, Spear Maiden of the Empire A Warrior through and through, Marlena’s prowess in combat is accentuated by her mastery of the spear. Her agility and skill make her a threat to any who dare challenge the Empire’s might.
  • Doris, the Ocean Sylph of Woodland With the natural magic of Woodland at her fingertips, Doris enchants the battlefield, her Mage class abilities focusing on harnessing the power of the oceans to wash away opposition.
  • Merlin, the Oracle of Woodland As a Mage, Merlin’s wisdom transcends mere battle tactics, offering strategic advantages to those who heed his counsel. His legendary status is well-earned through countless victories foreseen by his prophetic insights.
  • Nawi, the Scarlet Reaper of Woodland A Warrior with a reputation for swift and decisive victories, Nawi’s prowess in combat is as feared as it is respected. Her title as the Scarlet Reaper is a testament to her lethal efficiency.
  • Solomon, the Infamous Immortal of Eclipse As a Tank, Solomon’s legendary immortality is not just a title but a battle strategy. His ability to endure, outlast, and outwit his foes makes him a cornerstone of Eclipse’s defensive lineup.
  • Sylvan, Centaur Commander of Woodland Leading the charge as a Warrior, Sylvan’s command over his centaur brethren and his prowess in battle exemplify the spirit and strength of Woodland’s forces.
  • Bastet, the Mystic Valkyrie of Eclipse In the role of Support, Bastet weaves magic and might together, bolstering her allies while confounding her enemies with her mystical abilities.

While these B-tier heroes may not always steal the spotlight, their unique abilities and potential for growth make them valuable assets in Omniheroes. Each possesses strengths that, when strategically deployed, can turn the tide of battle in your favor. As you build your team and strategize for victory, consider how the ‘omniheroes best heroes’ within the B-tier can complement your playstyle and help you achieve legendary status in the game.

omni heroes tier list

C Tier Heroes

In the intricate world of Omniheroes, strategy and team composition are key to achieving dominance. For players searching for insights on ‘omniheroes best team’, understanding the potential of C Tier Heroes, classified as ‘Average’, is crucial. While they may not initially stand out like their higher-tier counterparts, these heroes possess unique abilities that, when combined effectively, can surprise and overpower many adversaries.

Strategic Synergy with C Tier Heroes

Let’s explore how to leverage the unique attributes of these C Tier Heroes to form a balanced and formidable team.

  • Themis, the Justice Warrior from the Empire As a Warrior, Themis brings resilience and steadfastness to the frontline. Her legendary status within the Empire’s ranks can inspire her allies to fight with increased vigor and determination.
  • Franz, the Clawed Avenger of Eclipse Franz’s Mage class abilities allow him to unleash devastating magical attacks from a distance. Pairing him with a strong frontline can maximize his potential to deal damage safely.
  • Elune, the Valor Valkyrie of Woodland Elune’s warrior spirit and agility make her an excellent flanker or secondary frontline hero. Her valkyrie prowess can disrupt enemy formations, creating openings for her allies.
  • Persephone, the Underworld Maiden of Eclipse As a Support, Persephone’s abilities can bolster her team’s survivability, making her an essential asset in prolonged battles. Her underworld magic can heal and protect, ensuring her team remains standing.
  • Osse, the Ancient Guardian of Woodland Another Warrior, Osse’s defensive capabilities can serve as the bedrock for any team. His ancient powers provide a sturdy shield against incoming attacks.
  • Ellie, the Red Riding Hood of Eclipse Ellie’s Mage classification means she’s a powerhouse in dealing elemental damage. Positioning her to capitalize on weakened enemies can turn the tide of battle.
  • Anubia, the Jackal Queen of Eclipse As a Support, Anubia can enhance her team’s effectiveness with buffs and healing. Her jackal magic is key to sustaining her team during critical moments.
  • Carola, the Wicked Marionette of Eclipse Carola’s warrior skills allow her to be versatile in combat. Her ability to manipulate the battlefield with marionette magic can isolate and eliminate key targets.
  • Catrina, the Sea Admiral of the Empire Catrina commands the battlefield with naval precision. Her strategic acumen as a Warrior can lead her team to exploit enemy weaknesses.
  • Ashlyn, the Druid Enchantress of Woodland As a Support, Ashlyn’s enchantments can heal and invigorate her allies. Her druidic magic is vital in keeping the team’s momentum.
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Forming the Best Team in Omniheroes

When assembling the ‘omniheroes best team’ from the C Tier, consider a balanced approach that incorporates damage, defense, and support. A potential lineup could include Themis and Osse at the front, providing a strong defense. Ellie and Franz can serve as the primary damage dealers, with Persephone and Anubia offering crucial support through healing and buffs.

This team composition ensures resilience through solid frontline warriors, devastating damage from mages, and sustained health and buffs from support heroes. While individual hero strength is important, the synergy between these C Tier heroes can create a cohesive and unstoppable force on the battlefield.

Remember, in Omniheroes, understanding your heroes’ strengths and how they complement each other is the key to victory. Even C Tier heroes can outshine their higher-ranked peers with the right strategy and teamwork.

omniheroes best heroes

D Tier Heroes

In the rich tapestry of Omniheroes, where countless champions vie for glory, understanding the nuances of the ‘omni heroes tier list’ is crucial for crafting a winning strategy. While much attention is often given to those at the apex of the rankings, there’s strategic value in knowing the capabilities of all tiers, including the D-Tier heroes classified as ‘Weak’. These characters, despite their lower ranking, can still contribute to your team’s dynamics in unique ways, especially as you aim to conquer the game’s challenging stages and formidable bosses.

Exploring the D-Tier Heroes: The Underdogs of Omniheroes

Let’s delve into the characteristics of these D-Tier heroes, each bringing their own flavor to the battlefield, despite their epic rarity status:

  • Medusa, the Snake Queen of the Demon Faction As a Mage, Medusa can petrify her enemies with her gaze, offering crowd control that could turn the tide in certain battles.
  • Atalanta, the Almighty Archer from the Divine Faction Her Warrior class and archery skills allow for precise strikes, potentially useful in picking off weaker targets from a distance.
  • Baal, the Destruction Beast of the Demon Faction As a Tank, Baal’s intimidating presence can absorb damage, protecting more vulnerable team members.
  • Clotho, the Moira of Destiny from the Divine Faction Her Support abilities can alter the fates on the battlefield, providing subtle yet impactful aids to her allies.
  • Stannard, the Lizard Mage of the Woodland Faction This Mage’s command over elemental magic can offer versatile attack patterns against foes.
  • Björn, the Berserker of the Empire His Warrior class brings fierce aggression, ideal for breaking through enemy lines with brute force.
  • Bojji, the Little Knight of the Woodland Faction A Tank with a heart of courage, Bojji can stand against adversaries much larger than himself.
  • Diana, the Woodland Ranger Her Warrior skills ensure that she can navigate the battlefield with agility, striking swiftly.
  • Jerald, the Spear Vindicator from the Empire Another Warrior, Jerald’s spear can reach where swords cannot, offering tactical advantages in melee.
  • Brutus, the Sinister Assassin of the Eclipse Faction This Warrior’s stealth and lethal strikes can eliminate key targets, changing the course of a skirmish.
  • Yasuke, the Imperial Shield of the Empire As a Tank, Yasuke’s steadfast defense can be the bulwark against overwhelming odds.
  • Percival, known as Dr. Octo from the Eclipse Faction A Mage whose inventive spells and gadgets can surprise enemies with unconventional tactics.

While these D-Tier heroes may not initially seem like the foremost choices for your team, their unique abilities can be leveraged in specific scenarios to great effect. Remember, the strength of your team in Omniheroes doesn’t just lie in individual power but in how well your heroes’ abilities synergize to overcome the obstacles ahead.


In conclusion, the Best Omniheroes Ranked: 2024 Tier List offers a comprehensive overview of the most powerful heroes in the game. From the S tier heroes who are essential in any team composition, to the A and B tier heroes who offer unique capabilities, and finally the C and D tier heroes who may have niche uses, this tier list serves as a valuable resource for any Omniheroes player.

It is important to note that the power level of heroes may fluctuate depending on balance updates and the introduction of new content. Therefore, it is crucial to stay up to date with the latest changes and adapt your team composition accordingly.

Remember, while the heroes in the higher tiers are generally stronger, every hero has its strengths and weaknesses. It is important to experiment with different combinations and strategies to find the team that suits your playstyle and objectives.

Whether you’re a competitive player aiming for the top of the leaderboard or a casual player looking to enjoy the game to its fullest, the Best Omniheroes Ranked:2024 Tier List will serve as a valuable tool in your journey to become the ultimate hero in the realm.

Happy summoning, fellow Omniheroes, and may your team rise to greatness!

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